• More than 300 XCMG excavators were sent to North America!

Recently, more than 300 sets of custom excavators ranging from 1.5 tons to 49 tons were sent to North America to help local infrastructure construction.

As a representative of the global high-end market, North America has extremely strict access standards for excavators. According to customer needs, XCMG has customized the design of the excavators exported this time. The U series products are all environmentally friendly engines that meet the North American Tier 4F emission requirements. The personalized and differentiated products continue to win high recognition from customers.

In Louisville, Kentucky, in the east-central United States, the XE35U is favored by customers because of its dexterous posture, which is especially suitable for operations in cities and small spaces.

This product is not only powerful and efficient, but also can minimize fuel consumption and create more returns for customers.

Customer Frank said excitedly

“XCMG excavators run smoothly without lag, and all functions are customized for us. In addition, the after-sales service of the products is guaranteed, and they take our feedback and suggestions very seriously.”

The XE210U is equipped with a Cummins high-power engine and is equipped with a 1.2m³ large-capacity bucket, which greatly improves the work efficiency; the reinforced lower frame and excellent counterweight ground clearance enable the equipment to easily cope with various construction conditions.

Customer Mr.Adam said: “XCMG equipment is of good quality and cost-effective, this is the second XCMG excavator I purchased,I think XCMG is the best choice for me.”


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