• XCMG truck crane QY20K5D

Advantages of XCMG crane QY20K5D:

Economical: QY20K5D adopts optimized matching power system with low overall fuel consumption. The hydraulic system inherits XCMG K series, mature and reliable spare parts are sufficient, and the maintenance cost is low.

Lifting performance: combined with 40m+8.3m jib with boom length, the maximum lifting weight of the full boom is 6.2t, the full boom is more capable of lifting, and the lifting performance is higher.

Safety: high-strength load-bearing bridge, high reliability; low outrigger design, better stability, safer hoisting;

Maneuverability: XCMG classic K series arc wide-body control room with spacious space and wide field of vision. Equipped with ergonomic chair, work more comfortable.


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