• XCMG 5 Series Automatic Road Roller!

XS265JS mechanical single-drum roller, an upgraded version of automatic roller, cancels the clutch pedal, simple and convenient operation! People-oriented cab design, LED all-round lighting, not afraid of night construction. XCMG's unique long-life vibrating wheel has high reliability and better durability. The product has a wider applicability and meets the needs of a variety of working conditions.Reserve space for National IV upgrade.


XCMG XS265J Sroad roller adopts mainless clutch gearbox, cancels the clutch pedal, one-lever simple operation, electronically controlled multi-function handle, shifting, reversing and throttle, only one-handed operation, control in one go, and the roller starts more smoothly and softly , The road is smoother.


In addition to convenient operation, the cab adopts a design scheme of four shock absorbers, which has a better shock absorption effect; the large-area arc glass design provides a full-view driving experience and a panoramic view of the construction status.


Compared with the old product, it adds LED lighting at the rear, which makes the night construction lighting more comprehensive and truly achieves "no dead spots" in lighting.

The XS265JS road roller is equipped with XCMG's original 10000+ hours long-life vibrating wheel, which makes the equipment's mechanical transmission efficiency high, the speed is more stable, the density is more uniform, and the compaction performance is more excellent.


It is worth mentioning that the XS265JS road roller is based on XCMG's unique cylindrical four-point support vibrating wheel structure, and adopts a small moment of inertia vibration exciter, self-positioning spline sleeve, and patented double-skeleton oil seal technology. The key working devices have been tested for reliability on the XCMG vibrating wheel fatigue test bench to ensure the long life of the vibrating wheel.

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