XCMG HBT6013k trailer mounted concrete pump machine.

1,By comprehensively incorporating Schwing switch-over control technology, the extraction and control of switch-over signal is totally done by hydraulic pressure, avoiding the unreliability brought by frequent electrical contact and harsh environment and reducing customers' later maintenance cost. .

2,By adopting exclusive invariable reversing buffering technology in the industry, the pump displacement keeps unchanged during pumping and reversing and the main system unloads in low pressure, which thoroughly avoid such problems as long reversing time, great reversing impact and low service life of pump caused by frequent change of displacement during traditional reversing.

3,The use of equivalent bending moment design ensures uniform force, reliable sealing and greatly prolongs the service life of bearing ring, spectacle wear plate and cutting ring. The feature of unilateral wear makes the theoretical service life of rock valve once higher than that of S-valve.

4,Independently controlled electrical lubrication technology can realize grease supply intermittently during pumping and save grease consumption by 50% on the basis of ensuring lubrication effect.

5,Piston change is easy, convenient and time-saving. Traditional piston needs to be changed by repeatedly mounting and dismounting linkage and pumping at low speed.

6,The system ensures the cleanness of hydraulic oil and thus generates higher operational reliability of hydraulic system, pump and other hydraulic elements.

DescriptionUnitParameter value
Construction requirements

Overall performanceOverall dimensionsmm6115×2100×2810
Total curb masskg7000
Concrete delivery valuem3/h65/40
Max. output pressureMpa13
Pulling speedkm/hThree-level road 8km/h

Road above two-level16km/h
Delivery distance(vertical/horizontal)m150/600
Hopper capacity/filling heightm3/mm0.6/1370
Concrete slump rangemm80-230
Concrete delivery cylinder diameter/strokemm200/1400
Power systemMain motor (diesel engine)ModelWP4G160E331
Rated powerkw118
Rated revr/min2200
Hydraulic systemType
Open type
Pressure of hydraulic systemMpa32
Main oil pumpModel and typeA11VLO130
Rated working flowL/min260
Pumping oil cylinder diameter /strokemm125/1400
Capacity of hydraulic oil tankL600
Mixing system
Large torque at low speed
Lubrication system
Energy-saving type automatic centralized lubrication
Cooling system
Air cooling

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