XM200KII road milling machine is for maintaining the asphalt concrete pavement and mainly applied to the excavation and refurbishment of large areas of highways, roads of cities and towns, airports, goods yards and parking lots can remove the upheaval, oil wave, overapping curve, track and others of the pavement , It can be applied to the napping of cement pavement and
milling faulting of  surface  course. The working eficien-cy of this equpment is high, the construction process is simple,and it is easy to control the milling depth,and it is convenient and flexible to operate and has good manervening characteristics,the  used materials of milling can be recycled directly and widely applied to the repair ,refurbishment and maintenance of asphalt pavement.

Maximum milling widthmm2000
Maximum milling depthmm320
Milling WheelInterval betweenmm15/18
Amount of tools
Diameter of milling wheel(with tool)mm980
Maximum dip angle of milling wheel°5
Diesel engineManufacturer
USA Cummins
Cooling type
Water cooling
The quantity of cylinder stator
Related powerkw470
Engine speedrpm2100
Oil consumption: Full loadl/h125
Speed/gradeabilityWorking speedm/min0-85
Walking speedkm/h0-5
Theoretical gradeability(working gear)%80
Interval to the groundmm320
Weight/loadShipping weightkg30000
Working weightkg34000
Crawler belt deviceFront crawler beltmm1720 x 300 x 620
Rear crawler beltmm1720 x 300 x 620
Tank volumeFuel tankL1400
Hydraulic fuel tankL300
Water tankL3400
Electric systemF24
Conveyor belt deviceWidth of material collection conveyor beltmm850
Width of material unloading conveyor beltmm850
Delivery capacit of conveyor beltm3/h375
Overall dimension of shippingMachinery(length x width x height)mm7650 x 2580 x 3000
Belt conveyor(length x width x height)mm8060 x 1150 x 1500

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